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About MDrive™ Controller

MDrive™ controllers are professionally engineered for the RC community.

Key Features:

  • Capable of delivering the proportional speed drive up to 160,000+ electromagnetic RPM.
  • Start up software algorithm allows the motor to run minimum RPM with the variable torque drive during the start-up.
  • Radio transmitter selectable User Modes are simple and error proof! Plug & Play out of bag.
  • ESC-View proprietary software in PC combined with MDrive™ controllers offer the completely controller programming and motor testing including the data logging on RPM, voltage, temperature and the throttle steps.
  • Transmitter throttle's start point and end point setup are simple and straight forward.
  • The professional designed hardware and software system covers all aspects regarding the sensorless brushless motor system.

We are proud to be RoHS compliance.

MD9 MD18
MD90 MD120