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ASR is backed by patents and is a serious candidate for a new way of designing electrical systems. We have established an IP royalty sharing program that allows all participants to benefit from promoting this new technology and working to make it the new global standard. Work with us to change the way we think about conversion.

Because of the nature of this invention, many applications will be incorporated into an electrical system as a basic block. This is an exciting IP royalty sharing program for independent power electronics designers, system designers, and third party design vendors. When you design a new product, or update the existing legacy product for OEM, and you implement this new invention into your design, you will be eligible for the IP royalty sharing program. The program will last as long as the product is in the market. You will be rewarded financially for promoting this new energy efficiency technology.

It is important to address the code of ethics as well as conflicts of interest. You are NOT eligible if you are an employee of a potential IP licensee. The agreement of royalty sharing program will be arranged by business legal counsel.

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